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    Arriving Feb. 12, 2020!

    Batman Pennyworth R.I.P #1
    If Alfred was the glue that held the Bat-Family together, how will Batman deal with that all falling apart?

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    Arriving Feb. 12, 2020!

    X-Men #1
    Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants...

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    Arriving Feb. 12, 2020!

    Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey #1
    The Joker's sicced every super-villain in the city on her pretty ombré head-and the only team tough enough (or crazy enough) to come to her defense is the Birds of Prey!

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    In-Store Gaming Events!

    MTG, D&D, Pokémon, Warhammer 40k & AoS, and more! Stop by either location for upcoming Throne of Eldraine events!

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